Parent Voice

Anchored in Faith, Love and Learning.

St Philomena’s Catholic Primary School is committed to high-quality Catholic Education in a loving family environment. We proudly work with our community on Wiradjuri land at the base of Wahluu also known as Mount Panorama, where our traditional owners of our land have nurtured the community and sustained our land for the betterment of generations to come.

Our school community is privileged to work with passionate students, dedicated families, Sisters of Mercy and loving & professional staff that ensure learning for all children academically, social-emotionally and spiritually.

St Philomena’s does this under three banners, encounter - achieve - flourish. This allows for all learning needs of our children through a deep connection of faith in love as modelled by Jesus. These dignified encounters, achievement through a resilient mindset, and the celebration of learning, result in students flourishing. It is what separates St Philomena’s from other schools.

Our school has a wholehearted approach to student centred learning that makes every decision at St Philomena’s to be tailored and discerned for all children so that they can achieve their highest possible potential.

For over 120 years St Philomena’s has lived justly, lovingly and faithfully in Christ in the Bathurst community and this is celebrated on our website.

Welcome to St Philomena’s a one of a kind and special school,  built on the God-given gifts of our students, families, Sisters of Mercy, parish, and staff.