St Philomena’s students (and staff!) enjoy a fresh, healthy range of food available at our canteen on Monday and Friday of each week.

Our canteen is managed by Mrs Anne Harrison, but we also rely heavily on volunteers, as without our volunteers, the wonderful service we provide is not be possible.

A day in the canteen usually starts around 10am and finishes around 2pm. It is not hard work although it can be very busy! We find that our children get very excited when they have a family member in the Canteen and that is a great way to share time with your children whilst also helping the school.

There is no experience required and on the job training will be provided – you’ll also get a lovely lunch and endless cups of tea, coffee and great conversation. Working in the canteen is an enjoyable way to spend the day and a great way to meet other parents at the school.

To ensure this service continues, we would appreciate ANY help and time you can spare. We realise everyone is very busy and your time is appreciated.

LUNCH ORDERS - Online with "Flexischools"

Online canteen orders are now available through Flexischools (lunch orders only). Instructions for Flexischools can be found below..

We hope that everyone enjoys the ease of this new service. To support our COVID-19 safety initiatives at the school, this will be our only way to order lunches.

Please note that due to COVID-19, there are currently there are no 'over the counter' sales for recess or lunch.

Our Canteen follows a “Nut Free’ policy and we follow the “Healthy School Canteen” guidelines. Generally, we have low sugar and low salt food lines. We sell a wide variety of food at recess and lunch. Any food allergies need to be brought to our attention and we will always do anything possible to help with this. We encourage students to eat fresh food by offering a wide selection of fresh fruit and fresh foods.

Orders close by 9.30am however if you miss this deadline, you can still order from a limited range of sandwiches or toastie by 10.45am.