School Fees

Schools within the Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst offer students an exceptional educational experience that is high in quality and affordable.

What is included in the School Fee?

The school fee includes items such as the cost of pre-planned major excursions and retreats, the cost of purchasing books and texts for student use, pre-planned school incursions such as guest speakers and performances, and compulsory and curriculum based expenses.

Additional Fees

Additional fees may apply for specific events or optional programs such as music or representative sports. Schools will endeavour to keep these costs to a minimum.

Fee Relief

We recognise that financial circumstances can change, impacting families in significant ways. Please speak with your school principal confidentially if your family experiences financial difficulty or hardship so that we can work towards an appropriate arrangement. 

School Fees

Please find below the annual school fees* for Cathedral Primary School. Sibling discounts are applied for families with more than one child attending the school.

*For full fee paying overseas/visa students. Please contact the school office for further information.