Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst

St. Philomena's is committed to following the student well-being framework of the Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst. We prioritise the holistic development of our students, focusing on their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. Our dedicated staff and comprehensive programs ensure that each student receives the support they need to thrive academically and personally. All aspect of our school are grounded in Christian encounter, so that we can all achieve at high-levels and as a community we flourish as one, in love, justice and faith.


School Wide Positive Behaviours For Learning - SPB4L
School Wide Positive Behaviours for Learning (SPB4L) supports the shared mission of Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst to create inclusive and vibrant Catholic school communities that enables students to achieve, encounter and flourish.
SPB4L is an integral component of the CEDB Pastoral Care and Student Wellbeing Framework.

SPB4L provides students, staff and the community with a structure, processes, tools and a mindset for personal wellbeing and improvement in learning. With a focus on key aspects of evidence based practice, SPB4L enables learning to be focussed not only on  the head but also the heart and hands of each student, based on:

  • The behavioral formation of the student through clearly defined and taught values for all students across all school settings
  • Administrator support, participation and leadership
  • Teaching expected behaviour and offering additional behavioural support for students
  • Encouraging expected behaviour through acknowledgment and partnerships with the school community
  • Evidence based teaching and learning practices  
  • Multiple opportunities for ‘student voice’